What is PSD2?

Payments Services Directive or PSD2 is an EU law relating to authenticating online payments that will come into effect on December 31st 2020. This directive imposes new requirements for identifying customers when they make online payments - this is called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Merchants who do not meet the requirements are at risk of having transactions rejected after that date.

As a valued customer, we want to make sure you are ready for this change. This page will explain how you will be affected from a technical point of view.

How will PSD2 affect me?

There are different types of payments integrations. If you have a website or a system that allows for online transactions, you might need to take some action depending on your integration.

If you perform transactions over the phone (MOTO)  or perform cardholder present transactions, this does not impact you.

What is my integration?

There are 2 kinds of integrations: HPP and XML. Choose one of the options below:

XML Integration
HPP Integration

Not sure about your integration? Contact your developer or our support team.

Further information can be found in the Worldnet Payments documentation section.